All I Wanna Do (Is Rock’n’Roll)

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Every now n’ then I’d try to find this one incredible Protex song on YouTube—I’d heard it once years back, but didn’t remember its name, and the recording was too lo-fi for the lyrics to stand out. I excitedly bought their “Strange Obsessions” album the first time I came across it, because I swore the video file had the cover art for its picture. I liked the album okay…but my long-lost mystery song wasn’t on it.

Today I was again haunted by its memory, and I just couldn’t stands it no mo’. If it were still on YouTube, I would find it if it meant clicking every last Protex song on the site.

That’s about what it took. But YES! Found!!! That sweet, simple guitar lead, those longing verses, that poppy bridge, that chorus that says all that needs sayin’.

I’m thrilled, I’m sharing it whether you like it a sixteenth as much as I do, and stashing it on this here blog in case I forget it later. I’ve listened seven times and counting today and can’t get over it! I do hope you like it:



All I’ve been able to find is that it was recorded in 1979 for an EP that was “canceled.” It doesn’t appear any physical copies are out there.

The internet’s disgusting lately with this new level of privacy invasion on Facebook, a YouTube comedian facing jail time for teaching his girlfriend’s dog to mock Nazis to annoy her, and my growing loathing for Spotify and Netflix. It feels good to feel good about the worldwideweb today, for providing me this song I’d been missing so badly. Oh sure, and I appreciate having this blog at the ready.

Will try and write more soon. Hey, reader: you’re alright!