Live Shows: 

Cory Chisel (bass)

  • Fri 12/23 – Lawrence Memorial Chapel, Appleton WI
  • TBA

Hang Ten (bass, vocals)

  • TBA

Matty Day (quite a bit)

  • TBA

Muddy Udders (vocals, guitar, bass) — Studio album #4 recorded, due?

  • TBA

Green Bay Packers Show: Live from Stadium Drive (co-host)

Freelance Writing:

  • Short-form ad copy and social media; long-form articles, blogs, and web content; ghostwriting, editing, and proofing—what do you need? Reach out to chat about your writing needs request portfolio for freelance work. (My dream project is to ghostwrite Aaron Rodgers’ (surely) forthcoming autobiography, so if you could make that happen I’d love you forever.)

Big Band List:

For the heck of it, here are all of the bands I’ve gotten to play in, going from the present back to age 14, whether a one-off gig as a hired gun, or years of playing and recording:

  • Paisley Fields
  • Boy Howdy & the Electric Ranch Hands
  • The (Blow)’Torches
  • Hang Ten
  • Rev. Sekou
  • Julia Haltigan
  • Arum Rae
  • Chuck Auerbach
  • Adriel Denae
  • Cory Chisel
  • J-Council
  • The Priggs
  • Shaker and the Egg
  • Amazing Heeby Jeebies
  • Liver Killers
  • The Filthy Hogs
  • The Yardbeards
  • Volksreagan
  • F*ck Knights
  • Beach Patrol
  • Orange Iguanas
  • The Foamers?
  • Matte Jones/Matty Day
  • Parson Red Heads
  • The Gung Hoes
  • Muddy Udders
  • Dead of Knight
  • Patterns in Static
  • Cedar Grove
  • Boneless Skeleton
  • Tint/Tintinabulation/Picture Day
  • Phat Matt & the Pogo Six
  • The Knights of Neek
  • Weed Commissioner