Live Shows: 

Hang Ten (bass, vocals)

  • 6/2 — Fox River House, Appleton WI
  • 7/8,  Appleton WI
  • 8/4 – TBA

Cory Chisel (bass)

  • 8/4 – TBA

Matty Day (quite a bit)

  • 8/11 – TBA

The Gung Hoes

  • 9/13, Private Party

Green Bay Packers Show: Live from Stadium Drive (co-host)

Freelance Writing:

  • Short-form ad copy and social media; long-form articles, blogs, and web content; ghostwriting, editing, and proofing—what do you need? Reach out to chat about your writing needs request portfolio for freelance work. (My dream project is to ghostwrite Aaron Rodgers’ [surely] forthcoming autobiography, so if you could make that happen I’d love you forever.)

Big Band List:

For the heck of it, here are all of the bands I’ve gotten to play in, going from the present back to age 14, whether a one-off gig as a hired gun, or years of playing and recording:

  • Paisley Fields
  • Boy Howdy & the Electric Ranch Hands
  • The (Blow)’Torches
  • Hang Ten
  • Rev. Sekou
  • Julia Haltigan
  • Arum Rae
  • Chuck Auerbach
  • Adriel Denae
  • Cory Chisel
  • J-Council
  • The Priggs
  • Shaker and the Egg
  • Amazing Heeby Jeebies
  • Liver Killers
  • The Filthy Hogs
  • The Yardbeards
  • Volksreagan
  • F*ck Knights
  • Beach Patrol
  • Orange Iguanas
  • The Foamers?
  • Matte Jones/Matty Day
  • Parson Red Heads
  • Muddy Udders
  • Dead of Knight
  • Patterns in Static
  • Cedar Grove
  • Boneless Skeleton
  • Tint/Tintinabulation/Picture Day
  • Phat Matt & the Pogo Six
  • The Knights of Neek
  • Weed Commissioner