How now? I’m Matthew T. Day; many call me Matty, and that’s how I’m credited on music and video projects. I get a lot of help making those, and give that help (and more) back to other creative people.

I’m very happily married and have four incredible kids. We live in Green Bay with our dog, cat, and four chickens. I write professionally, make music semi-professionally, and in my spare time I read, buy records, watch old movies, exercise, and do some hunting and fishing.

Mostly this site’s where I keep my music schedule and post blogs. I’m more regularly active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It’s been pointed out that a theme in my blog is evolution, i.e. “I used to think this about X—boy, was I ever wrong!” I can’t keep doing that forever though, right? Regardless, I love the medium for working through thoughts—even if some of my earlier posts already make me cringe.

I appreciate you stopping by. Holler if you seek music or writing collaboration/services, or just to say hey.