The Time I Proposed on Valentine’s Day


Cliché, yes, but that’s why she didn’t expect it!

Three years ago today, after a little over five years of dating, I proposed to my now-wife in a room we rented at the Union Hotel in De Pere. Since it’s supposedly haunted we’d always wanted to spend a night there and try out a Ouija board. Firsts for both of us.

We dressed fancy, checked in, and had a drink with dinner downstairs. Back up in our room we began to set up, with a circle of spooky candles around us and everything, and we Ouija’d. Cross-legged on the floor, fingertips on the planchette, in otherwise silence I started asking questions aloud: “Are there spirits in this hotel?” … “Can anyone hear us?” … “Will the Packers win the Super Bowl next year?”, etc.

Predictably there were no responses. We stayed focused, though, watching the board for anything. Finally I asked, “Will Jaci marry me?” After a second she looked up at me, a bit confused, and I took the ring from my pocket and asked, “Will you?”

It was terrifying and awesome. I’ll never forget how nervous I was. I feel incredibly fortunate. (And lucky, since, cool as it would’ve been, an actual ghost response would’ve pretty well wrecked the proposal.)

Romantic love is the absolute best. Cheers to the lovers, and to those who haven’t found it yet, it really is worth it.

Happy V. Day,

M. Day

P.S. Props to my mother-in-law for helping brainstorm the proposal!

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